High-Rise director Ben Wheatley on Abba and Twitter


High-Rise director Ben Wheatley on Abba and Twitter

Ben Wheatley is the hyper talented British director behind films like Kill List, Sightseers and A Field in England, and his latest is the maddest thing he's made yet.

If you're familiar with his work so far then you'll know that's quite an achievement but High-Rise manages it, kicking into high gear with a tale set in London in the 70s and a futuristically styled tower block. When Tom Hiddleston moves in, the stage is set for a lurid take on social class complete with more sex and violence than you were probably expecting.

Wheatley was in Dublin to present the film during the Audi Dublin International Film Festival last month and he had plenty to say during the post screening Q&A. He's an extremely amiable chap, and was happy to talk about pretty much anything with the audience, including the pretty strange recurring choice of Abba songs in the film. It turns out he's a massive fan of the group and he also had some interesting things to say about how the music came together with a little help from Twitter.

He just comes across as a really normal guy, who happens to make some of the craziest films in recent memory. High-Rise certainly fits that bill, and it's in cinemas in Ireland from the 18th of March 2016.

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