Honest Trailers Smash 2003's Daredevil


Honest Trailers Smash 2003's Daredevil

Back in 2003, the Marvel-verse was still nothing but a pipe dream and Fox was the big player in the game - having already pushed out X-Men in 2000 and getting ready for X-2 later in the 03. But before all that, came Daredevil.

Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, Daredevil was Ben Affleck's first on screen comic book character - with the actor now on the way to playing Batman - and an attempt at somewhat darker hero. Personally, I quite enjoyed the film, particularly the slick approach to action the visual style, especially in the later released Director's Cut which added some much needed extra material to the story.

With Netflix's Daredevil series about to debut, it's the perfect time to revisit this feature - especially as people hate it so. Here's the honest trailer for Daredevil.

The trailer makes many good points - there are certainly moments which make little to no sense in the theatrical version of the film and Affleck's performance didn't do much to help matters. You really have to wonder what made Colin Farrell sign up for the film and the CG has aged very badly. That said, this mostly made me want to dig out by Director's Cut disk for another look.

- Daniel Anderson.

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