Howl trailer - wolves on a train!


Howl trailer - wolves on a train!

Werewolves haven't had the same headline exposure as vampires. They tend to linger in the background - the less interesting part of the Underworld movies or as the central beastie in terrible flicks like the remake of The Wolfman.

Howl wants to bring them back. And do so in a scary, British, practical effects sort of way. Here's the first trailer. It's really, really dark. As in its hard to see...

Click to watch the trailer over at Empire.

It's looking pretty good, especially as a throwback to strong British horror offerings. And there are some genre touchstones in there, including The Descent's Shauna Macdonald and Dog Soldiers fella Sean Pertwee. It's also directed by Paul Hyet who has woked extensively with Neill Marshall who made The Descent and Dog Soldiers. So he probably got some casting tips there as well.

Howl is in cinemas in 2015.

Howl trailer - wolves on a train! on
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