HTC 10 revealed - out in Ireland in May


HTC 10 revealed - out in Ireland in May

The HTC 10 has been revealed, and we've got the full details below.

It's a new flagship from the company, following on from the success of the HTC One M8 and M9. So you'll find a similar attention to detail in the metal unibody construction as well as some new additions, especially in the areas of camera and audio.

There's a 5.2 inch screen on the front with tough 2.5D glass and a tiny bezel. The back is made of metal and also comes with a matte finish this time around that's easier to hold. HTC has a new design with chamfered edges that sets the 10 apart from their recent handsets as an evolution of the brand. It looks great and is tough to boot, with the handset tested under extreme conditions.

Audio quality is high on the agenda, with the addition of full high resolution audi at 24 bits, complete with high quality headphones included in the box. It will upscale your existing music for extra fidelity and there's software on board which can be used to tailor the listening experience to your ears. Each person hears things differently, and now your personal audio can be adjusted to match. The BoomSound speakers have also been re-engineered for separate tweeter and woofer drivers, delivering clarity and bass from speakers on the front and bottom of the device.

The HTC 10 also takes aim at camera quality, with a new sensor on the back rated at 12 UltraPixels. That's much higher than before, in response to plenty of customer feedback on their last generation of mobile cameras. An f1.8 aperture should ensure plenty of light gets onto the sensor and low light performance is also said to be enhanced by those UltraPixels. Theres optical image stabilisation on the back and the HTC 10 is the first phone to feature OIS on the front facing selfie cam as well.

High quality innards will power the most demanding apps and there's added security thanks to the fingerprint scanner. Battery power is extended with Boost+ (which intelligently optimises apps to use yout energy better) and rapid charging can give you 50 percent power in just 30 minutes. Plus there's a fast charger included in the box, all part of the end to end solution which HTC favours - making sure you have everything you need rather than having to shell out for expensive accessories.

We'll have a more detailed breakdown of the HTC 10 in the coming days. It launches exclusively on Three in Ireland in May 2016.

HTC 10 revealed - out in Ireland in May on
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