HTC 10 teases best ever camera


HTC 10 teases best ever camera

The HTC 10 is set to be unveiled before the world on the 12th of April and so far the company has been doing a great job of teasing various aspects.

It's a fine balance between keeping people interested and not revealing too much, especially in the wake of numerous leaks. The latest step in their campaign is all about the camera.

Camera quality has been high on the agenda for smartphone manufacturers for awhile now, which makes perfect sense as its something many people use everyday and a vital part of the way they interact with popular apps like Facebook and Instagram. Being able to put a highly capable camera in every pocket is good for everyone.

It's also interesting to see how this particular technological battle has changed in recent years, from an all out megapixel war to a more considered comtemplation of what is possible. The latest generation of phones seems to be leaning more on lower pixel counts in favour of larger sensors which take in more light, and important elements like better lenses and wider apertures. It's less about blurb and more about delivering impressive results.

In that vein, we're hearing the HTC 10 could sport a 12 MP shooter and be more about speed and performance than pure back of the box specs. All the info will be available on April 12th.

HTC 10 teases best ever camera on
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