Hugh Jackman is Gobsmacked When He's Told Spider-Man is Coming to Marvel Movies


Hugh Jackman is Gobsmacked When He's Told Spider-Man is Coming to Marvel Movies

The news that the Spider-Man character currently owned by Sony Pictures would be crossing over into the Disney-Marvelverse was a pretty big deal this week, and it turns out we weren't the only ones who were suprised.

Screencrush dropped the news on superstar Hugh Jackman during an interview for Neill Blomkamp's Chappie and it seems the Australian actor genuinely hadn't heard about it yet. It's really interesting to see someone who has such facility with interviews seem totally taken aback for a moment, but the delightful Jackman recovers well.

Quick thinking, good job Hugh!

The actor also delves very quickly into the quagmire of character rights throughout the Marvel universe, which is so ridiculous that Fox owns the term 'mutant' - so no Disney/Marvel movie can actually say that word in the context of these kinds of characters. Which is kind of insane.

There's also a flicker of honesty here about how messy the entire business is and, let's face it, Fox isn't about to let Iron Man anywhere near Wolverine's claws.

Jackman is next in Chappie, which arrives March 6th 2015.

Hugh Jackman is Gobsmacked When He`s Told Spider-Man is Coming to Marvel Movies on
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