Ignite in Mayo Brings Stop Motion to Life - Inspired by Chaplin and Keaton


Ignite in Mayo Brings Stop Motion to Life - Inspired by Chaplin and Keaton

On Friday the 28th of November Ballina Arts Centre in Mayo will play host to a unique film called Silent Moves.

The work is inspired by the early silent cinema and incorporates elements of stop motion, mime, music and movement. It's part of the Ignite initiative which is a melding of the arts and disability sectors in Ireland, with Silent Moves being overseen by acclaimed artist Aideen Barry.

Together with members of the Western Care Ridgepool Training Centre, ScannánTechnologies and choreographer Emma O'Kane, Barry is using advanced green screen and animation tech to create something totally unique.

Barry says: "Without the use of words or sounds, silent movies make us splutter with laughter, break our hearts, win them over again, and take use through a world of chaos to a moment of pure charm, without once uttering a word.

“The world IS silent for all of us. For we process each of our everyday experiences, our heartbreaks, our joys ultimately on our own, in our own silent world, in our minds.

“Our silent moving image works take as starting points what it is to be a person, what it feels to be in love, what it feels to be bashful, what it feels to be hurt and together through movement and gesture we have tried to encapsulate our experiences in front of the camera.”

Including filmed and live elements, Silent Moves will debut at the Ballina Arts Centre on the 28th of Novembe2014 at 8pm, and will also appear at the galley space in 2015. Click here for ticketing information.

For more on the Ignite program, click here.

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