In Irish cinemas July 22nd


In Irish cinemas July 22nd

It's a pretty unlikely pairing, with the latest Star Trek movie going head to head with a new take on a classic novel by Roald Dahl but that's how this week is shaping up in cinemas.

Star Trek Beyond
The crew are back, and this time they're actually on that five year mission when things get explosive. The new baddie is Idris Elba, and Simon Pegg wrote the script. Early reviews have been widlly popular in this 50th year since the first Trek episode.

Steven Spielberg takes on one of Roald Dahl's most beloved books here, and the results look pretty darn magical. Bridge of Spies alum Mark Rylance brings the BFG himself to life and there will be jars full of dreams and leaping through night shrouded cities.

For something a little different you might try this Greek comedy which is about a bunch of friends who come up with a silly game that quickly spirals out of any kind of control. If you've ever seen a Greek comedy, you'll probably know roughly what to expect.

In Irish cinemas July 22nd on
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