In Irish cinemas June 5th


In Irish cinemas June 5th

It's a quiet enough week at the cinema as we relax after the tentpole destruction of San Andreas and prepare for the arrival of Jurassic World. So it's the perfect time to catch up on some genre offerings from the worlds of comedy and horror.

Melissa McCarthy reteams with the director of Bridesmaids Paul Feig for comedic take on the spy genre. And it's an absolute riot of a time, with a career best performance by McCarthy plus a great turn by Jason Statham. There's also some seriously kick ass action and a huge amount of top laughs.

Insidious Chapter 3
Apparently this is a saga now, following on from the low budget success of the 2011 original and the fun 2013 sequel. This time around, frequent writer Leigh Whannell scribbles and makes his directorial debut and it looks like he's learned a lot from collaborator James Wan. By which we mean this is very freaky stuff.

Well this one snuck in under the radar - an action flick from the director of V for Vendetta and starring Bond himself Pierce Brosnan. The rest of the cast is impressive too - Milla Jovovich, Dylan McDermott, James D'Arcy and more as a criminal called The Watchmaker tries to take out a government agent. We suspect you haven't heard of it because it isn't any good...

Listen Up Philip
Your interest in Listen Up Philip will be directly proportional to how entertaining you find the idea of Jason Schwartzman wandering around New York and being horrible to people as a self-centred author who may or may not be about to write his second book. Seriously he's really, really unpleasant.

These movies will be in cinemas in Ireland from the 5th of June 2015.

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