In Irish cinemas May 15th


In Irish cinemas May 15th

It's all go at cinemas this week, with movies both big, small and absolutely massive including the returning of the very, very Mad Max in Fury Road. Can Tom Hardy survive a post-world wasteland? Probably!

Read on for all the the films in cinemas this coming week.

Mad Max Fury Road

Tom Hardy teams with Mad Max trilogy director George Miller for an all new adventure in insanity. Fury Road was shot in the deserts of Namibia where they basically blew up real cars for six months and the final film looks like two hours of over the top madness. Charlize Theron also stars. This is in cinemas Thursday May 14th.

Clouds of Sils Maria

Kristin Stewart plays personal assistant to a world famous actress played by Juliette Binoche in this self-aware and twisty drama about celebrity, stars and story-telling. It's good to see the former Twilight actress working on more complex characters and Chloe Grace Moretz also turns up as a young star on the rise.

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect was a lot of fun but we weren't really expecting a sequel - yet here it is! This time around the Bella's are trying to come back from a pretty over the top faux pas at a performance, and go all out to win a european championship to come out on top again. The cast is all back - including Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks is stepping up to direct as well.

A Royal Night Out

As the Second World War comes to a close, the young Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Liz) decides to go on a fun night out around London. She meets a boy, there's some dancing and its all quite pretty in a period drama sort of way. Features Canadian actress Sarah Gadon as Lizzy and Irish chap Jack Reynor as the dashing young sort who she meets. The accents are all very proper indeed.

The Tribe

We can guarantee you've never seen anything like this. Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy The Tribe is told entirely through sign-language, and Ukranian sign-language at that. But it somehow doesn't matter as you're swept along by the visuals and raw emotions of these young people trying to survive at a school for the deaf. One to watch out for if you're looking for something totally unique.

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