In Irish cinemas May 29th


In Irish cinemas May 29th

It's all set to blow up at cinemas this week, at least when it comes to seeing how Dwayne The Rock Johnson manages when that San Andreas faultline finally threatens to drop most of California into the ocean. That's the plot of a movie, not what's actually happening.

Read on for a look at other movies opening in Ireland this week.

San Andreas
The Rock stars as a LA Fire Dept rescue helicopter pilot (but of course) who has to reunite with his ex-wife to head into earthquake shattered San Francisco to try to save their daughter. Family bonding amid the death of thousands of other people then, but we're willing to bet at least the dog survives. And Rock, naturally.

Danny Collins
Remember when Al Pacino was good? Well word is he's back again with Danny Collins - the story of an ageing rocker (that's Al) who discovers that John Lennon wrote him a letter 40 years ago, setting him on the path to turning his whole screwed up life around. It's heavy drama co-starring Annette Benning and Christoper Plummer and defnitely worth a look.

The Connection
Not The French Connection but The Connection, in French... This crime thriller is about the actual crime organisation in France in the 70s which inspired William Friedkin's film, focussing on a magistrate (Jean Dujardin) who get deeply involved in trying to bring the crew down. Stylish and with great period detail, it's worth a look for genre fans.

Man Up
Singleton Nancy (Lake Bell) gets mistaken for a dude's blind date. He's played by Simon Pegg and she ends up having a wonderful time but how does she let him know that she's not the girl she was supposed to meet?! From the director of The Inbetweeners Movie, this is earning good early reviews.

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