In Irish cinemas May 8th


In Irish cinemas May 8th

We're between major blockbusters at the moment - giving that little bit of breathing room between massive releases so they can earn more cash - but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on at the box office. Read on for our list of films out this week in Irish cinemas.

The Age of Adaline
Blake Lively (replacing Natalie Portman who replaced Katherine Heigl) stars as a woman who miraculously stopped aging in 1935 and the film explores the pitfalls of remaining young and beautiful forever. The rest of the cast includes Harrison Ford as a former flame grown old, Ellen Burstyn and Game of Thrones hunk Michiel Huisman. We're getting shades of Meet joe Black off this.

Big Game
Samuel L. Jackson plays the president. Terrorists take down Air Force One over Finland. He has to team up with a 13 year old local boy to survive. If that synopsis doesn't already get you excited, then this really isn't the film for you. We're hearing this is a good old fashioned adventure film with a little added violence and some cussing from Sammy himself.

The Canal
Irish director Ivan Kavanagh serves up a unique and disturbing slice of horror in The Canal. It's about a father (Rupert Evans) who starts to become obsessed with a terrible murder which happened in his home more than 100 years before. There's old timey found footage scares and some really creepy locations around Dublin.

This German film is set in a shattered Berlin in the aftermath of World War 2. It's about a prison camp survivor (Nina Hoss) who returns from the war with a new face thanks to plastic surgery and sets out on a journey to find her family from before the war, and maybe exact some revenge. Hoss is terrific in a film which combines war, drama, romance and thriller elements.

Spooks: The Greater Good
The BBC TV series Spooks gets a big screen upgrade, and also some new blood in the form of Game of Thrones star Kit Harington - which should draw in some new audience members. Veteran player Peter Firth is back as Harry Pearce who goes rogue to chase after a dangerous terrorist, with Harington's Will Holloway hot on his heels. There will be central London explosions.

Top Five
Comedy star Chris Rock writes and directs his first feature with Top Five. It's a film about a comedian (also played by Rock) who starts to examine his life when he does an interview with a journalist played by Rosario Dawson. The film has been earning rave reviews and also looks like a great place for Rock to show off his chops in front of and behind the camera.

These films are all in cinemas by the 8th of May 2015.

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