In the Trailer for Melissa McCarthy's Spy Laughing Feels Kinda Optional


In the Trailer for Melissa McCarthy's Spy Laughing Feels Kinda Optional

Melissa McCarthy has a thing she does. It's a certain kind of thing and she does it very well. And if you like that certain thing, you'll have been having a whale of a time at her movies since her break out a couple of years back.

I don't really like her thing.

I can't explain why, perhaps I'm broken, but my impression is that even people who used to be fans are getting a bit fed up of the curse-heavy, riffing, obnoxious lady bit. If so, you might want to skip this red band trailer for Spy.

This is very familar territory for McCarthy and also for director Paul Feig, who helmed Bridesmaids and The Heat. He seems to be losing talented female co-stars with every film, leaving McCarthy all but alone here, though Rose Byrne does show up to add some class.

Otherwise there might be some fun to be found in Jude Law's bumbling but unfortunately this is the wrong kind of comedy for Statham, he's just not that hilarious when he isn't making jokes at the expense of people he's murdering.

Spy is in cinemas June 5th 2015.

In the Trailer for Melissa McCarthy`s Spy Laughing Feels Kinda Optional on
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