Insurgent Final Trailer - Fight for Divergence


Insurgent Final Trailer - Fight for Divergence

I'm not going to use the full title of this film, I'm just not. If Insurgent was good enough for the source novel, you should stick to it for the movie.

So the final trailer for Insurgent is below because, kind of incredibly, the sequel is already set for release right on a year after the first flick hit cinemas. That's a lot of confidence in the series but I think its well founded - Divergent was fun and action packed and a good version of original novel by the rather lovely Veronica Roth.

The scale is certainly bigger for the sequel, as Shailene Woodley's Tris leaves the city behind to try to figure out what Kate Winslet was so pissed about and discovers the true power of being Divergent.

The cast includes returning players Theo James, Miles Teller and Jai Courtney as well as new additions like Naomi Watts and Daniel Day Kim. And, once again, it looks like fun. Except for the fact its directed by Robert Schwentke who made Red and RIPD...

Insurgent is in cinemas March 20th 2015.

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