Interstellar Review - The Best of Christopher Nolan?


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Interstellar Review - The Best of Christopher Nolan?
Interstellar (2014)
Christopher Nolan
Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway
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The human race is dying, and their salvation lies beyond the stars...

By now, many of you will have already seen Interstellar so I'm just offering up some short delayed thoughts on the picture.

I loved it.

This came as quite a surprise because I'm far from a Nolan fan. Even supposed masterpieces like Inception have done little for me and fully two thirds of his Batman trilogy left me cold. And that was my prevailing opinion of him as a director - chilly, emotionally distant... and also prone to making films that are 30 minutes too long.

So while Interstellar is a massive sci-fi picture with a refreshing (and possibly necessary) focus on our need to reach for the stars, it's also a film that's brimming with warmth and humanity and one which boils down to an incredibly intimate relationship between a father and daughter - estranged by infinities of space and eons of time.

It's that relationship which gives the film its real heart - even when the science starts to get seriously loopy. The choicesMatthew McConaugheyhas to make, to try to save the human race or stay with his daughter (a brilliantMackenzie Foy) are heart-breaking and the film does an excellent job of keeping that pain at the forefront throughout.

Of course, this is also a sci-fi film on a scale and a level of commitment which we rarely get to see these days. Nolan goes big on the visuals and small on the details - right down to using amazing real-life miniature work for his spacecraft and using IMAX cameras to give certain elements the feel of a NASA documentary.

It's also a very different film to what I was expecting, kicking off with the world already at its last gasp and throwing everything into the pot including sarcastic robots, spinning space stations, five dimensional beings and a very important bookcase.

Yes there are moments which stretch the borders of incredulity and the third hour might threaten to go completely off the rails but by then I was already committed to the journey Nolan was taking me on and very happy to go along for a ride through time and space and an emotional connection across the light years.

So if, by any chance, you still haven't managed to catch the film - ignore the criticism and get out to see what I think is one of the best films Nolan has ever made, and certainly the one with the most warmth, humanity and heart.

Also - we should be building spaceships again!!

8 Stars
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