Irish chap Jack Reynor joins Ben Wheatley's action flick Free Fire


Irish chap Jack Reynor joins Ben Wheatley's action flick Free Fire

Ben Wheatley is just finishing up his JG Ballard adaptation High Rise but he's already set to go on the next - Free Fire.

Set in the 1970s in Boston, it's about a large weapon sale in a warehouse between two Irish guys. Violence breaks out and it becomes a fight to survive the night.

The cast was already looking great, with Michael Smiley, Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson and Armie Hammer in the mix, and now a few extra names have been added, including Irish actor Jack Reynor. We don't yet know what role he'll be playing, but fans of his turn in Transformers might be suprised to hear him using an Irish accent, provided he's given the chance to use his natural tones this time.

Free Fire sounds like a great stripped back premise for a period thriller which pulls no punches, and Wheatley is the perfect man for the job. He's an incredibly diverse filmmaker, taking on films with horror elements like Kill List as easily as zany comedy (Sightseers), heavy drama (Down Terrace) and really out there content. You really should check out A Field in England. It's absolutely insane.

Wheatley's big move to his first fully American production will have some good company, as Martin Scorsese is on board as an executive producer. And he knows a thing or two about what movies were like in the 70s, which is an incredible kind of access to have.

Free Fire is set for release in 2016. High Rise will debut later in 2015.

Irish chap Jack Reynor joins Ben Wheatley`s action flick Free Fire on
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