Irish fella Chris O'Dowd to lead Get Shorty series


Irish fella Chris O'Dowd to lead Get Shorty series

Those Get Shorty movies were pretty forgettable so now the property is heading to the smaller screen for a TV series.

Again the set up takes inspiration from Elmore Leonard's 1990 book which was about a loanshark who ends up getting involved with the movie business. The new take will be about a mob guy in Nevada who wants to make a change for the benefit of his young daughter and leaves for Los Angeles to become a film producer.

The word from Deadline is that Irish fella Chris O'Dowd is set to play the lead character of Miles Daly. That's quite the part for the former comic actor who appeared in the likes of Channel 4's The I.T. Crowd, and would see him move in a more dramatic direction.

O'Dowd has been getting some pretty serious attention across the pond, with parts in movies like Bridemaids and This is 40 as well as a critically acclaimed turn on stage as Lennie in Of Mice and Men. We're also hearing that he could be paired with Ray Romano in Get Shorty which is... less interesting news.

This series would debut some time in 2017. Heck it can't be worse than that terrible sequel Be Cool!

Irish fella Chris O`Dowd to lead Get Shorty series on
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