Is Dave Bautista Guardians' Ace In The hole?


Is Dave Bautista Guardians' Ace In The hole?
Yes, THAT Dave Bautista

I’ve written a great many times about my scepticism regarding WWE strongman Dave Bautista’s presence in Marvel’s incoming Sci-Fi frag’em’up. Not that WWE alumni can’t make a big impression on the silver screen, that’s not the issue.
But Bautista isn’t The Rock.
Not in this or any conceivable universe.

Marvel must have sensed a communal concern here. Audiences are more or less onboard with the tree-man, and positively salivating for that wisecracking racoon. But anyone who’s seen him wrestle will understand Dave Bautista has only the one discernable talent – Being rather extremely large.

As evidenced by this most recent barrage of TV Spots, director James Gunn has been working the big man hard, giving him plenty of heavy things to lift and a few choice gags to put him over with the fans. The latter was a wrestling term. I felt it fit.

It’s not that I am no longer concerned that ‘Big Dave’ won’t spoil the final product here. But he certainly seems to be trying his level best. Hell, he may even steal the show – it’s a strange movie, strange things are bound to happen!

August 1st is Guardians of the Galaxy day. Yes it is!

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