Is Moriarty AKA Irish Chap Andrew Scott the Next Bond Villain?


Is Moriarty AKA Irish Chap Andrew Scott the Next Bond Villain?

Those folks over at the Mirror have come up with a rumour- they're saying Andrew Scott could be the next major Bond villain.

This comes just a day before a major press conference from the 007 crew which will reveal the title of Bond 24 as well as key cast and crew members. This report comes from 'an insider' who says that 'Andrewwas hand-picked for a role in the new Bond movie after film bosses loved his star turn in Sherlock.'

I think this is poppycock!

While I've enjoyed Scott's work as Moriartyand Sherlock has certainly raised the profile of the Irish star he simply isn't at the right level to appear in Bond. Skyfall's baddie was Javier Bardemand he's not playing in the same league. And while audiences might get a titter out of seeing him appear in such a major movie, casting him in another uber-villain role just feels like a cheap shot, and not the brightest move for the actor.

I could be completely wrong but this smells like an entirely fabricated story. Now Scott could have some kind of role in Bond 24, maybe even as a minor bad guy or in another smaller part. But with a name like Christophe Waltz also in the mix, it would be a strange situation to have the lesser known player taking on such a massive role.

We'll find out tomorrow - you can watch the live stream here.

Bond 24 is in cinemas in October 2015.

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