Jack Reacher Never Go Back trailer


Jack Reacher Never Go Back trailer

2013's Jack Reacher was a pretty unusual project not least because it seemed to have been willed into existence entirely by the whim of star Tom Cruise. It went on to do pretty middling box office on a modest 60 million dollar budget. Those aren't numbers that get a sequel, unless you're Tom Cruise.

So here's the first trailer for Jack Reacher Never Go Back.

I actually thought the first film was a bit of fun and this sequel looks to be continuing that trend. It's a fairly grounded action romp with a whole mess of beatdowns and a few larger scale vehicular moments. Cruise's Reacher does seem to basically be a superhero though.

Edward Zwick is at the helm this time, taking over from Christopher McQuarrie who also made Rogue Nation. Never Go Back is a reunion for Cruise and Zwick, with the pair previously collaborating on The Last Samurai. Can you believe that came out 13 years ago?!

The budget is closer to 100 million this time around which sounds like a bit of a gamble but they've definitely saved some cash on the cast. Cobie Smulders is at least recognisable and you might know Robert Knepper and Holt McCallany. The baddie is played by TV guy Patrick Heusinger who was dullsome in the recent Quantum Break game. The first film suffered from a limp baddie too, which was all the more impressive given the part was played by real life crazyman Werner Herzog.

Jack Reacher Never Go Back is in cinemas in October, 2016.

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