James Cameron has seen Terminator Genisys - here's what he thinks!


James Cameron has seen Terminator Genisys - here's what he thinks!

In one of the best things ever, James Cameron has watched the new Terminator movie. And here he is telling everyone what he thought.

And it seems the legendary director is all for the new vision of the Terminator universe, which has been brought to life by director Alan Taylor and a cast of new faces, as well as returning player Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The twists are now out there in the world, featured in the last couple of trailers, and Cameron is a big fan of making some changes to the formula. That's like because he famously did the same between the first and second films, turning the rampaging T-800 into a goodie for the ages, partly in response to the increased fame of blockbuster star Arnie.

It's great to see the 60 year old being so passionate about the new project, and also interesting to hear him name it as his preferred third entry into the series. But Terminator 3 really wasn't so bad...

We'll get to see where all of the twists and turns leads us when Terminator Genisys hits cinemas on the 2nd of July 2015.

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