Jamie Dornan could bare all in Fifty Shades sequel - for $1.5 million


Jamie Dornan could bare all in Fifty Shades sequel - for $1.5 million

Popular sexy-time novel Fifty Shades of Grey fairly blew up the box office after its release in February and is set to make even more cash when it arrives on home video in June 2015.

Originally the second film, Fifty Shades Darker, was said to be aiming for a February 2016 release date but it has since been pushed back to early 2017 for a variety of reasons - not least the fact that it still has no script or director. And it might not have had a cast either, with rumours earlier in the year that Mr Grey himself Jamie Dornan was planning to skip on the sequel.

That's since been resolved but it doesn't mean the negotiations are over. New rumours are swirling that the studio wants to secure a little extra flesh from Dornan this time around - basically they want him to go full frontal for a scene as billionaire kinkster Christian Grey.

Full frontal male nudity is still a pretty rare thing in studio pictures, especially from recognisable stars but Fifty Shades is a very unique property. But that doesn't mean it's going to be an easy task to get it to happen, - reportedly Universal is willing to pay Dornan $1.5 million to expose himself for the camera. And that's just a starting offer.

It's all pretty seedy when you get a glimpse inside the mechanics of putting these films together. It's obvious at least that both Dornan and Dakota Johnson (who bared a lot of skin in the first film) will be negotiating for bigger pay dates this time around - which is only fitting as these movies will haunt their careers for decades to come.

We're almost hoping that Dornan sticks to his guns and says no - but we'll have to wait and see (literally) when the film releases in early 2017.

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