Jamie Foxx will be Little John in Robin Hood Origins


Jamie Foxx will be Little John in Robin Hood Origins

Rarely have I heard a film title as bad as Robin Hood: Origins but that's certainly not going to stop it being made.

Young Kingsman fella Taron Egerton has been cast as Robin for a gritty new take on the legend, and it all sounds painfully hip. So much so that we're willing to bet the young lad will exclusively travel by parkour and have some period-unlikely gadgets.

We've just heard that a new cast member has been announced, Jamie Foxx. Apparently he'll be joining the crew as Little John. The reports are saying the character will have recently returned from the Crusades and is weary of battle and war. He's not the trusting sort and initially comes to blows with the young outlaw, but later becomes his most trusted companion.

There's no way they can top this meeting between Kevin Costner and Nick Brimble in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

Can you imagine that with some flipping around for no reason? My brain shudders at the thought of it.

The new movie is being directed by Otto Bathurst - best known for TV's Peaky Blinders - and also stars Eve Hewson. It's currently set up for release in 2017.

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