Jared Leto brings Jimmy Fallon a weird gift from The Joker


Jared Leto brings Jimmy Fallon a weird gift from The Joker

Suicide Squad is in cinemas in Ireland on the 5th of August and we've been hearing about Jared Leto's on set antics for a good while now. He's playing an all new take on the Joker character, and gave his co-workers some strange and creepy and, let's be honest, fairly disgusting gifts.

Now Leto isn't in the makeup anymore but the Joker hasn't entirely left his system as you can see from this appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He brought a gift from the character...

Considering some of his co-starts received bodily fluids, Fallon should count himself lucky but it's clear the host isn't all that comfortable with snakes. As for Leto, the part seems to have pushed him a little over the edge as he comes off pretty strange here, and that's without mentioning whatever the heck he's wearing.

The last person to play The Joker on the big screen was the late Heath Ledger and it has been noted what a toll that took on the young actor, who tragically passed away before The Dark Knight was released at the age of 28. Other performers to take on the role include Jack Nichoson and Mark Hamill, so Leto will have to pull out something truly special in the role.

Suicide Squad is in cinemas on the 5th of August, 2016.

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