Javier Bardem will be Frankenstein's monster


Javier Bardem will be Frankenstein's monster

You may not know this but those classic Universal monster movies of yore - Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man - are being rebooted, with a blockbuster version of The Mummy currently in production featuring Tom Cruise as some kind of adventurer who comes up against Sofia Boutella as the reanimated one question.

Universal wants to build an interconnected franchise here, and their first effort was Dracula Untold, which fizzled at the box office despite being rather good fun. We likely won't be seeing Luke Evans' Vlad again but there's a possibility the wonderful Charles Dance could reappear after this mysterious role in that film.

Regardless, 2017's The Mummy will kick things off again, and there are also versions of The Invisible Man with Johnny Depp and Jekyll/Hyde starring Russell Crowe. Now it seems another monster is coming, and Javier Bardem will be Frankenstein.

Variety broke the news and later confirmed that the Spanish actor would be playing the monster and not the scientist who actually had that name in Mary Shelley's 1818 novel. The tale will be celebrating 200 years in 2018 so maybe there's a chance the film could be fast tracked to debut before then?

At this point, the word is Universal would want Bardem's beast to pop up in another film first to introduce the new take on the character and help build that connected universe. It remains to be seen if this approach works as well as it has to date for Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Mummy is filming now, with a release date in June, 2016.

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