JDIFF Audience Award winner announced - a big year for documentaries!


JDIFF Audience Award winner announced - a big year for documentaries!

JDIFF is over, after many films and some fun jury time for yours truly. And as the guests wend their way back to their starry lives and the film drives and reels head homewards, its time to take a look at who won what.

We've already written about the movies which took home prizes from the Dublin Film Critics Circle (yay for Cliff Curtis in The Dark Horse!) and now its time to see what audiences enjoyed most. Each year, everyone who attends a film gets the chance to vote at the end. Those boxes full of votes are tallied at the end of the festival and the results are in.

And the audience award for 2015 goes to - The Salt of the Earth!

This stunning-looking documentary comes from director Wim Wenders and is all about an amazing photographer calledSebastião Salgado. The film charts his work over decades and also gives us a glimpse at the man himself, with the help of fascinating interviews and the involvement of Salgado's own son. Here's the trailer.

Second in the list was Fortunes Wheel, a documentary which starts out being about that time a lioness got loose in Fairview in Dublin and becomes a lovely jaunt through the not so distant past and the life of a lion-tamer called Bill Stephens.

The rest of the pack was also dominated by documentaries, showing just how much audiences enjoy getting a glimpse at a real story about real people. Here's the full list:

1. The Salt Of The Earth – Wim Wenders
2. Fortune’s Wheel – Joe Lee
3. Dare To Be Wild– Vivienne De Courcy
4. Tana Bana – Pat Murphy
5. Take The Boat – Camille Hamet & Serena Robin
6. The Breach – Mark Titus
7. Shoulder The Lion – Erinnisse Rebisz
8. The Fool – Yuriy Bykov
9. Samba – Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano
10. After the Dance – Daisy Asquith

The short award went to Michael Lennox's Boogaloo & Graham, which was also nominated for an Academy Award at the 2015 ceremony.

The Dublin International Film festival will return in 2016.

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