Jersey Boys Trailer - Clint Eastwood is Making a Musical!


Jersey Boys Trailer - Clint Eastwood is Making a Musical!
Based on the story of The Four Seasons

Clint Eastwood has made a lot of different kinds of movies in the five decades plus he’s been starring and directing, but a musical is quite the departure.

Actually that’s not quite true – old Clint crooned his way through 1969 musical Paint Your Wagon, that’s right when The Good, The Bad and the Ugly was also tearing its way into theatres. It’s worth a look, Lee Marvin also sings. Kind of.

But now, the 83 year old filmmaker is directing his first musical, an adaptation of the massive Broadway hit Jersey Boys. It’s all about the life and times of the Four Seasons, a pop group formed in the 60s and led by Frankie Valli.

But it’s far from a conventional musical, which you can see from this first trailer.

It’s pretty clear that Eastwood is going to manage to bring some grit to proceedings, but the film also retains the direct address of the stage version that should make things more interesting. Add in the fact that this is a jukebox musical, which means the songs are actually good and well known, and Christopher Walken shows up and we’re definitely feeling more interested in Jersey Boys already.

Jersey Boys is in cinemas on June 20th 2014.

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