John Carney doesn't want to work too hard on set!


John Carney doesn't want to work too hard on set!

Making movies isn't an easy task and we've heard horror stories of shoots that have been massively delayed, arguments between cast and crew and money issues which cause films to be shut down before they're finished. And that's not to mention mammath tasks like Peter Jackson spending almost a year just shooting the three Hobbit films.

For Sing Street and Once director John Carney, that's all nonsense. If he's going to commit to a film and to spending a month or more on a set with the same people everyday he want it to be something he really wants to do, and not a constant chore.

"[It's]... the idea of what do I want to be working on? As a filmmaker you get picked up in the morning very early. You drive down to set and look at your watch and its 7am you’re going to be here til 7pm in this seat with these people, everyday for 40 days. How do I want to spend that time?"

It's a good point and one that he's come to as he's gotten older. Carney started out making fairly bleak dramas and moved more into the musical fold with Once. And even that sequence, from Once to Sing Street via Begin Again has seen his stories and characters becoming brighter and cheerier and more hopeful. It all comes down to how he feels right now: "And I’m just not in the mood for self investigation at the moment. I want to have fun on set and not work too hard! [laughs]"

That doesn't mean we won't seem more from the filmmaker in the future, but he's going to be very careful with the kind of material he chooses: "I think I might go back to making some really bleak films now! I love bleak films but I do think they’re very hard to make... We’re not Ingmar Bergman! And there’s nothing worse than an Ingmar Bergman knock off."

Sing Street is in cinemas now, and it's as much fun to watch as it was to make.

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