John Wick 2 has a title and release date


John Wick 2 has a title and release date

We've known for awhile that John Wick 2 was coming, and now we know when and how it might exactly be named.

The new title for John Wick 2 is... John Wick: Chapter 2!

It's hardly groundbreaking but it's that little bit more interesting than just sticking a 2 at the end and also suggests that this might just be the latest in a series of adventures for the man known as Wick. Of course that will depend on how this second outing does at the box office but it's not a hard formula to repeat.

The info comes from Exhibitor Relations on Twitter, who also scooped the release date for the film and a little bit of plot information.

That's plenty of info for now, with the format of American star travelling to attractive European location a pretty familiar thing at this stage. That February release date also makes a lot of sense, putting the film in a quieter part of the year and up against Fifty Shades Darker, which will have very little crossover in terms of audience.

Bring it on.

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