Johnny Depp remembers acting in Black Mass trailer


Johnny Depp remembers acting in Black Mass trailer

Johnny Depp is now best known for his part in the Pirates movies as the doddery Captain Jack Sparrow but once upon a time he was better known as a truly great actor in a slew of independent movies. He may be too big to go indie again these days but it does seem like he's getting his acting back on in the first trailer for Black Mass.

It's the story of American criminal Whitey Bulger who was charged with the murder of 19 people and decided he wanted to work with the FBI to commute his sentence. His story sounds absolutely insane on paper, so of course its based on true events. Here's the first trailer. Check out those baby blues...

Ok so he's out there doing an accent and having unusual hair and contact lenses again, so there's a chance it could just another over the top performance but there's something really sinister about what Depp is doing here and it's interesting to see most of the trailer structured around a single exchange rather than hopping around in search of pyrotechnics.

Scott Walker is on board as director, with his Crazy Heart in 2009 winning two Oscars, including a Best Actor gong for Jeff Bridges. Black Mass has a September 2015 release date, close enough to the 2016 awards to make it a serious contender. The rest of the cast includes Kevin Bacon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton, Sienna Miller, Dakota Johnson and Adam Scott.

Black Mass is in cinemas in September 2015.

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