Jon Favreau will be in new Spider-Man


Jon Favreau will be in new Spider-Man

Spider-Man Homecoming is currently filming in Atlanta and they're constructing a whole new take on the character, which we're hearing won't be yet another origin story.

Robert Downey jr has already been confirmed to appear as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the picture, which makes sense given his relationship with Spidey in Captain America Civil War. And it seems more characters are coming on board too.

Jon Favreau will have a part in the film as Happy, Stark's bodyguard and friend- though why Iron Man needs protection is beyond us. The character has been in the franchise since the very first MCU movie back in 2008, and Favreau is deeply integrated into this world as the director of the first two Iron Man movies.

Variety broke the news and it's pretty welcome as it reveals just how closely these worlds are going to mix- which was never a foregone conclusion as Homecoming remains a Sony Pictures production, borrowing characters from Disney where necessary.

Could there be more cameos? Well rumours abound but the production will want to keep any other leaks stopped up as much as possible.

Spider-Man Homecoming is out in summer 2017.

Jon Favreau will be in new Spider-Man on
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