Joss Whedon quits Twitter - was it time to leave or was he chased away?


Joss Whedon quits Twitter - was it time to leave or was he chased away?

Twitter is a sadder place today as one of its funniest voices has left - Joss Whedon has handed in his Tweet-badge.

It's pretty terrible news for fans of the filmmaker but also fans of fun. His voice was always original and fun, an extension of the persona he exudes in interviews and the same personality he brings to the universes he has created, including Buffy, Angel and Firefly.

After dallying with the social media service while promoting Much Ado About Nothing, Whedon set up his own Twitter account in May 2013 and quickly reached an audience of over a million. He was wry, socially aware, thoughtful and often very, very strange and gave us a glimpse at what it was like for such a unique voice to become part of a machine like the Marvel universe.

Now, just less than two years later, his account is gone, deleted, scrubbed from this and any other 'Verse. It comes in the wake of serious backlash against the filmmaker for his treatment of female roles, specifically Black Widow in Age of Ultron but that's just the latest issue. Over the last few months, Whedon has been subject to abuse and death threats over his support of players in the GamersGate fiasco.

While we could speculate for days about just what element of this mess finally convinced Whedon to click the off button, we think it's something far more simple - the man is bone tired.

He's been aboard the Marvel bandwagon for a full five years now, not only bringing two of their biggest movies ever into being (Avengers and Age of Ultron) but also contributing creatively to the whole Universe with script revisions on other films and helping to set up the Agents of SHIELD TV spin-off.

The purely physical workload would be enough to exhaust anyone and the extra creative effort would surely take a serious toll over time. And it showed. We met him two years ago on promotional duties for Much Ado About Nothing (his attempt to get some breathing space from the Marvel-verse) and he was already starting to feel a little scattershot.

But the biggest clue was Age of Ultron itself. While its a fun blockbuster with the explosions and humour you expect, it has the feeling of a last gasp on the part of the filmmaker. The catty exchanges are a little too rote, the emotional highs uncharacteristically limp. Whedon has given his every last bit to Marvel over the last few years, and its time for a break.

And that means cutting ties from everything, including Twitter and especially the nastier side of the social network which has been revealed more in recent years. The best thing for the filmmaker is to take some time, get his creative juices flowing again. And we can't wait to see what unique and wonderous worlds he manages to create in the future.

Take your time Joss, we'll be waiting!

Joss Whedon quits Twitter - was it time to leave or was he chased away? on
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