Joss Whedon would totally make a Star Wars film


Joss Whedon would totally make a Star Wars film

Joss Whedon has had an interesting few years, signing up to a massive agreement with Marvel in 2010 which saw him not only write and direct the blockbusters The Avengers and Age of Ultron but also help run the entire Marvel-verse by working on the scripts for the other interconnected movies.

At the end of that period he was, understandably, a bit burnt out and has been out of the limelight since, only recently returning for a video campaign to get American voters out for the Presidential elections... and preferably not for Trump.

The man himself seems to be back in action and might even have a project or two to share in the near future. Whedon was chatting to about the SaveTheDay videos and shared the fact that he would be pretty interested in diving into the Star Wars universe, but not the main films.

"I mean, it’s a fun thing to do, to put yourself in the service of something if you think you can add an interpretation. It’s no different than any other storytelling. There are some times when you get micro-managed to death but with Marvel, they let me make two movies that were very much mine. So do I want to make James Bond movie? Yeah. Anne Hathaway does Catwoman again? Sure, I’m in. Do I want to make a Star Wars movie? Yeah. I was like, "I don't want to make a Star Wars movie. Like, god dammit, why?" But I saw the trailer for Rogue awhile ago and I was like, "I want to do that." To make a Star Wars movie and not be wed to the bigger picture."

After the work on Marvel, particularly Age of Ultron which had to fit in so many references to other puzzle pieces, it must be appealing to make a film that has a mega budget but isn't stuck into a specific timeline of events.

Of course we have no idea if this will happen and Whedon does have a feature script in the works and is interested in getting back into TV. We'll have to just wait and hope that we get to see more of his work soon.

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