Jungle Book still tops at box office


Jungle Book still tops at box office

Disney's The Jungle Book continued to reign supreme at the top of the box office pile with another major haul.

The film brought down almost $160 million worldwide, adding up to $528 million globally so far. That's one of the highest earners of the year, and will definitely see Disney revisiting all kinds of properties in the coming years. They already have titles like Pete's Dragon and Beauty and the Beast in the works.

Good news for The Jungle Book was bad news for The Huntsman, as Winter's War debuted in the States to a very low $20 million. That's well under half what the first film took in 2012, with a $56 million haul. Now Winter's War is already out in certain territories so it has a global total of just over $100 million, but with a disappointing start in the States its unlikely to be considered much of a success.

In other news, Zootopia has just topped $900 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing film of the moment. That's quite an achievement when you consider Batman v Superman and Deadpool and in second and third place, and it's likely to retain that position over those two movies at least. However that's because the summer movie season begins in earnest, with the release of Captain America Civil War only a few short days away.

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