Jupiter Ascending Crashes in the US But Soars Around the World


Jupiter Ascending Crashes in the US But Soars Around the World

After a massive delay from Summer 2014, Jupiter Ascending finally descended on cinemas this weekend. The latest from brother and sister team The Wachowski's is a massive sci-fi space opera with glorious technical specs but that didn't stop it from receiving luke warm reviews and, now, fairly mediocre box office.

The 175 million dollar flick opened to just $19 million in the US, which is almost a third of the haul for The Spongebob Movie sequel and also well behind what American Sniper earned after 7 weeks on release. It will no doubt be a disappointment for studio Warner Bros, especially after delaying the film into the relatively quieter February period in hopes of less competition. It also marks the third major box office disappointment for the Wachowskis after Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas.

But the picture, as always, isn't quite that simple. Jupiter picked up $32.5 million outside of the US for a total haul to date of $51.5 million. That's a much more positive picture, especially as the film has yet to open in strong markets like Australia and Japan and won't arrive in China until March, where its aesthetics and world-building could pick up a major following.

Having got the chance to catch Jupiter Ascending at the weekend, I really do feel its the kind of film which could hang on at the box office for longer than anticipated. Early reviews were surprisingly negative but fans of more ambitious sci-fi will hopefully find their way to the cinemas. It's never likely to be a massive blockbuster but there's still a chance for the studio to turn a bit of a profit, especially in Asian markets.

The biggest shame for those who do enjoy the film - and I'm sure I'm not alone in that regard - is that all the work gone into creating this universe will likely be for nothing. Even if the film doesn't end up being a total flop, it's all but impossible that a sequel would ever be made, which is a real shame fo those who like their sci-fi big and ambitious and more than a little silly.

Jupiter Ascending is in cinemas now.

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