Jupiter Ascending Delayed to 2015! Sadface Emoji!


Jupiter Ascending Delayed to 2015! Sadface Emoji!

In a word - Nooooooo!

In several more - The Wachowski's latest Jupiter Ascending has been delayed to February 2015 seemingly out of the blue.

While the film did seem extremely ambitious, especially appearing just 18 months after the release of Cloud Atlas, the promo material so far looked great and Warner Bros seemed set for a major push as the July debut date approached.

But now the movie has fled away to a 2015 release. Reports suggest that it may have been due to the demanding visual effects (which you can certainly see evidence of in the trailer), so we could take this as just a little more time for some polish. And having seen the promo in IMAX a couple of times I certainly wouldn't want the effects to be anything less than perfect.

It hardly reeks of confidence, especially in the wake of the commerical failure of Cloud Atlas. Though putting a movie like this into the relatively dry February period could actually improve its box office chances. Still, I'm sorry I won't get to see a wolfen Channing Tatum saving cleaning-lady and queen of Earth Mila Kunis quite so soon.

Here's the awesome trailer to make you sadface.

Jupiter Ascending comes to cinemas in February 2015. Hopefully.

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