Jupiter Ascending Went Away Now It's Back With a Stunning New Trailer


Jupiter Ascending Went Away Now It's Back With a Stunning New Trailer

Jupiter Ascending was undoubtedly one of my most antipicated movies of summer 2014, until it wasn't.

The latest movie from the Wachowski's was suddenly delayed into early 2015 with little real explanation. Normally that would be a sign of fear from the studio but I'm still totally on board with this space opera. Partly that's because of the legacy of The Matrix but it has more to do with Cloud Atlas, an incredible piece of work which restored my faith in siblings Lana and Andy.

The story is about a young woman (that would be Mila Kunis) who is working as a janitor when she finds out that she's actually heir to the throne of the entire planet Earth. That's a pretty big deal and someone else thinks so too because she's immediately targeted for execution, until Channing Tatum and Sean Bean show up to save her.

Here's the most recent trailer, which has one of the weirdest jokes you'll ever hear in a mainstream movie.

Is that seriously a bestiality joke Ms Kunis...?

So what's happened in the intervening months? The biggest chance seems to be that the wing-ed beast we've noticed in previous trailers now has features and a voice. The delay was apparently down to extra time that was needed for the extensive visual effects and there's certainly a lot of eye candy, especially space ships flying through things for some reason.

I still think it looks like an exciting time, bar some spotty character moments, and hopefully this is a real return to form for the filmmaking siblings. There's also been mention of it being a trilogy. Bring it on, I say.

Jupiter Ascending is in cinemas from the 6th of February 2015.

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