Jurassic World 2 director confirmed


Jurassic World 2 director confirmed

Jurassic World 2 became one of the biggest films of all time when it arrived in summer 2015, relaunching the franchise and sending anticipation for the sequel into the stratosphere.

Director Colin Trevorrow was undoubtedly a big part of that success, with the indie director really stepping up into the big leagues. and he was quickly snapped up to helm Star Wars episode 9 which is due to release in 2019. That left Jurassic World 2 without a director, thankfully the spot has now been filled by Spanish fella Juan Antonio Bayona, who seems rightly excited.

Bayona is probably best known for his 2012 film The Impossible about a family caught in the aftermath of a tsunami but he also helmed The Orphanage and two episodes of Penny Dreadful which were shot in Ireland. His next feature is an adaptation of A Monster Calls from the book by Patrick Ness and the late Siobhan Dowd. It's looking fantastic.

Bayona has some experience with special effects to date, especially in the stomach churning early sequences of The Impossible, and seems like a great choice to continue the Jurassic series. We don't know the plot for the second film but it's likely to focus on the subplot of selling dinos to the highest bidder, which has to have terrifying consequences.

Jurassic World 2 is set for release in June 2018. A Monster Calls arrives in October 2016.

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