Jurassic World trailer 3 - these dinos aren't dumb


Jurassic World trailer 3 - these dinos aren't dumb

There are many superheroes in cinemas this summer but that doesn't mean every blockbuster had its source in a comicbook. Check out the latest trailer for Jurassic World.

It sounds like there's loads going on the new film fromColin Trevorrow. There's the park itself which is up and running properly, the human dynamics and a couple of kids caught in the fray, then there's the not-at-all small matter of a new kind of creature which is basically an enhanced dinosaur with some extra genetic spice. Because they wanted to get more visitors in and maybe even sell some cool toys. Obviously it gets out and things get a little bit tense, especially when the humans (otherwise known as meat) figure out just how smart this mutant is.

Luckily Chris Pratt is on hand to wrangle some Raptors and go dino hunting. It also looks like he's going to save some kiddies along the way and possibly even capture the heart of the businesslady with a hidden soul played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Jurassic World is in cinemas on the 15th of June 2015.

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