Justice League weird trailer is totally bonkers!


Justice League weird trailer is totally bonkers!

To the surprise of many we already have a teaser trailer for the first Justice League trailer, which isn't due for release in 2017. It's pretty good fun even if it already feels stuffed full of characters that we're not sure we care about yet.

Anyway in case you thought it was lacking in weirdness, the great Aldo Jones has done a number on the promo. In case you haven't heard of him, he's weirded up a bunch of other trailers for films like Civil War, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, using some pretty amazing effects to make them... really strange.

Check out his work on Justice League.

This stuff is pretty mesmerising, and it's just an idea of what is possible with modern technology, imagine how much tweaking major studios are doing of stuff like this in post production!

We love Aquaman's refreshing moment and that Eddie Murphy cameo but the Santa Claus stuff is hilarious.

Justice League is in cinemas in November 2017.

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