Justin Kurzel to Direct Assassin's Creed Movie?


Justin Kurzel to Direct Assassin's Creed Movie?
Macbeth director reportedly set to sign up for project...

There have been whispers about the possibility of an Assassin's Creed movie ever since the first game in the epic series hit stores, but up until recently it never quite looked like it was going to become a reality. However, when Michael Fassbender got involved and the series' publisher Ubisoft decided to control the projectthemselves, things started to look much more likely to come to fruition - but without a director, it was proving difficult to move the project forward.

Thankfully, that all looks like it's about to come to an end, with director of the forthcoming Macbeth, Justin Kurzel, said to be the man to take charge. Kurzel already has a strong relationship with the fast-rising Fassbender, having directed him during production of the aforementioned Shakespeare adaptation, so it's certainly possible that the actor had a word in his director's ear during shooting.

Despite the fact that few video games make for good big-screen adaptations, Assassin's Creed is one franchise we've got high hopes for. The historically influenced narrative, combined with its present-day timeline makes for intriguing play, and with the right script and personnel, it could prove to be a huge hit among moviegoers as well as hardcore gamers. To date, the series has sold in excess of 73 million copies - which amounts to billions of dollars in sales, showcasing its huge popularity.

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