Kanye West linked with Jetsons role


Kanye West linked with Jetsons role
Whatever your opinion on rapper Kanye West's music, there can be little denying that the guy has talent. However few of us could possibly have known just how deep that talent runs, as the musician is now being linked with a position as creative director on the forthcoming Jetsons movie.

It certainly seems a little strange that someone with so little apparent experience in the field is being considered for a role so key to any big screen adaptation, but Mr. West has confirmed on twitter that discussions have taken place, telling fans that he "was just discussing becoming the creative director for the Jetson movie."

MTV News have confirmed that the story is accurate, running quotes from the movie's producer Denise Di Novi, who backed up West's claims, saying that "Kanye’s always been a Jetsons fan, I think because he’s so into design and he loves the design aspects, so we had a fun brainstorming conversation. He reached out and said he’s a huge Jetsons fan. There are a lot of Jetsons fanatics out there, especially people that are into either futuristic science or design. He was interested in creatively brainstorming what we were doing with the movie and what ideas he might have. It was a really friendly, preliminary conversation.”

Despite the early signs being promising, West has yet to officially take up the role, with Di Novi saying that the singer would "think about it more and see if he got inspired visually."

The live action adaptation of the popular Jetsons cartoon has been in pre-production for several years now at this stage, and despite numerous directors and actors being linked, concrete information is still sorely lacking, resulting in many people doubting whether or not it will ever see the light of day.

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