Keaton out Downey jr in for Spider-Man Homecoming


Keaton out Downey jr in for Spider-Man Homecoming

There's a new Spider-Man movie on the way called Homecoming. It features Brit Tom Holland in the suit playing a more teenaged version of the character, who will be making his big screen debut in Captain America Civil War in just a few short days.

We previously reported that Birdman star Michael Keaton could potentially appear in the standalone Spidey flick in 2017, potentially as some kind of villain. Sadly it seems that report was premature as the latest update suggests that he won't be making his Marvel universe debut. It would probably have been bit weird to have Batman/Birdman chatting to the human spider.

It's not all bad news though as another famous face will be popping up in Homecoming. Variety says that they have confirmation that superstar Robert Downey jr will be appearing as Tony Stark/ Iron Man in the new film.

That's not a total surprise as Stark and Peter Parker will be closely aligned in the upcoming Captain America Civil War, though we don't know as yet how big his role will be in the standalone story. At this point we're just hoping it doesn't become another cameo filled feature, and that the new Spider-Man is given a chance to breathe on his own.

Spider-Man Homecoming is set for release in July 2017.

Keaton out Downey jr in for Spider-Man Homecoming on
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