Kermit watched Bruce Willis action films for Muppets Most Wanted


Kermit watched Bruce Willis action films for Muppets Most Wanted
Yippeekiyay mother frogger

The children's favourite was inspired by the 'Die Hard' star for his latest "action" role where he is arrested and taken to the Gulag after being mistaken for the villain, Constantine.

Kermit makes multiple escape attempts, each one thwarted by prison guard Nadya (Tina Fey), before eventually succeeding, and insists this part is unlike his previous performances.

Talking at the film's press conference on Tuesday (25.03.14), he told BANG Showbiz: "I think of myself as having a bit of an action role in this. It's something I haven't done before. In order to prepare for the role I watched all of Bruce Willis' movies and when that didn't work I went to his hairdresser."

Meanwhile Constantine - who plays the world's number one criminal and is only distinguished from Kermit because of the mole on his right cheek - admitted he enjoys playing the bad guy.

Constantine said: "There was part of me that enjoyed being the bad guy and enjoyed being hated. I was written that way, so what can I say."

Kermit added: "We don't hate him. It's sort of just a story for the movie. He's actually an old pal from the swamp, Ricky [Gervais] is his best friend."

Gervais stars as Constantine's henchman, Dominic 'The Lemur' Badguy, and thinks he's helped soften the stern frog.

He added: "Doing this movie and meeting me has thawed his [Constantine's] heart of stone. You see, he was born in a pond in Russia, one of 800 brothers, sisters, tadpoles, many of them dead. But showing him love has made him a cuddly little thing."

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