Kevin Bacon back for a Tremors TV series


Kevin Bacon back for a Tremors TV series

In case you're not familar with 1990 classic Tremors, or never caught it in the first place, here's the trailer.

Jeez, Fred Ward was kinda hot...

Anyway I present you with this 90s curio for a very good reason - Tremors is coming back! Now to some degree it never really went away, with sequels in 1996, 2001, 2004 and another just a few months back - Tremors 5 Bloodlines. The new info is that a TV series version is in the works but that's happened before as well, with a fairly terrible Sci-Fi Channel series in 2003.

So the actual big news is that Tremors is back, its on TV AND it will featuring returning star Kevin Bacon!

The actor will be a major character and also executive produce the returning show, working with Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions. The story will be written be Andrew Miller and will take Bacon's Valentine McKee back to the small town of Perfection, where burrowing creatures sometimes cause problems.

There's a lot of interest in the series, with several networks already interested. More as we get it.

Kevin Bacon back for a Tremors TV series on
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