Kevin Spacey is a cat in Nine Lives - trailer


Kevin Spacey is a cat in Nine Lives - trailer

Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor, and he's had a huge career resurgence in recent years thanks to the wonderful House of Cards on Netflix. Now he's voicing a cat in a movie called Nine Lives.

It's actually worse than that - the star plays a billionaire businessman who is a bit on the nasty side and some magical event turns him into a kitty. Presumably this is to teach us some life lessons but the set up, and the casting, still feels most bizarre. Here's a teaser trailer to prove that this is definitely a real thing.


There's more going on here - such as why the heck is Christopher Walken involved? And the film is directed by Barry Sonnenfield - the dude behind all three Men in Black films, Get Shorty and a very talented cinematographer who worked with the Coen Brothers for years. It feels like all of these people are paying penance for something, or at least that's the only reasonable suggestion.

Originally set for release in April, this has been moved to August 2016 - because the studio thinks it has legs to make a lot of money at the box office? That isn't going to happen.

Kevin Spacey is a cat in Nine Lives - trailer on
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