Kick-Ass 2 Director to Rewrite New Masters of the Universe Flick


Kick-Ass 2 Director to Rewrite New Masters of the Universe Flick
He has the power!

In news that'll most likely have children of the 80s feeling momentarily excited until they remember how bad the first attempt at a He-Man movie was, there's a Masters of the Universe reboot being worked on right at this very moment, and reports are claiming that Jeff Wadlow, director of last year's slightly disappointing Kick-Ass 2, has been drafted in to work on the script.

Wadlow also hasthe excellent Cry_Wolf on his resume, so even if you weren't a fan of Kick-Ass 2, there's plenty of reason to be hopeful that he'll be able to turn in some decent writing for this effort, however the actual scope of the project is still relatively unknown. Will Columbia Pictures do the sensible thing and aim for a mature movie that targets the abundance of 30-somethings who grew up with the cartoon, or will they instead go the PG-13 route and hope to sell a truckload of toys to impressionable kids?

As much as we'd love it to be the former, we can't help feeling that it's going to turn into a merchandising vehicle.

Despite his directorial chops, Wadlow hasn't actually been offered the helmer's gig for the movie yet, but it's likely he'll at least be under consideration when it comes time for the decision to be made, especially if he manages to turn in a decent script, but production could still be a long, long way off, so we won't be holding our breath.

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