Kingsman The Secret Service getting a sequel


Kingsman The Secret Service getting a sequel

Kingsman The Secret Service was a lot of fun when it arrived in cinemas earlier in 2015 and though some were put off by its tone and insane amount of violence, it still managed to pull down more than $400 million worldwide.

And it seems we're going to seem more comic-book inspired adventure, but not right away. There's been no official announcement from the studio Fox but an insider has revealed the follow up is being worked on, according to The Wrap. It's likely to continue to involve the author of the original comic Mark Millar once more, and hopefully will see some of the cast returning.

In case you didn't see the first film, here's a taste. A very red band taste.

It would be fair to say that it's not a film for fans of what Colin Firth usually gets up to on screen, but we thought it was a riot of a time. A lot of that was down to director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Stardust) and we don't yet know if he would be back for a sequel. He has previously talked about returning to these characters but he does have a lot of projects on his plate right now. So we'll have to wait and see.

Kingsman The Secret Service is on home video in June 2015.

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