Kung Fury is mental martial arts madness - watch it all here


Kung Fury is mental martial arts madness - watch it all here

Back in December 2013 a little Swedish project popped up on Kickstarter. David Sandberg wanted to recreate the madness of the 80s in a neon-lit, action-packed short. 17,000 people answered that call and now the 30 minute film is ready to dominate your eyeballs.

It's about one man with special martial arts powers gifted to him by lightning and the bite of a snake who travels back in time to take down the biggest criminal of them all, Adolf Hitler. And that's before you mention rogue arcade machines, laser raptors and Thor the God of Thunder himself.

This is KUNG FURY!

It's totally mental, and all pretty much from the mind of Sandberg. He wrote and directed the piece, stars Mr. Fury and even worked on most of the special effects himself before getting a crew together thanks to the Kickstarter cash.

But the journey isn't over yet - he's worked on getting a feature film version of the script together and has been shopping it around at the Cannes film festival - fresh from a rapturous screening of this footage. He already has interest from Hollywood sorts and it looks like we could actually see an all new, full length version in cinemas at some point.

Which is all very impressive indeed. So go watch it again!

Kung Fury is mental martial arts madness - watch it all here on ClickOnline.com
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