Labyrinth 30th anniversary gift set looks awesome


Labyrinth 30th anniversary gift set looks awesome

Labyrinth came out in 1986, so the 30th anniversary of the classic film is at hand.

You've definitely seen at least some of this flick, most memorable for the fabulously creative creatures and David Bowie wearing improbably tight pants. There's a re-release coming which will let you see all of those details in stunning 4K!

It has been totally remastered and comes with new extras, including an interview with star Jennifer Connelly which was recorded after Bowie sadly passed away earlier this year.

There are a few different versions coming, on DVD, blu-ray, 4K blu-ray and a collector's gift set which seems to feature a version of the upside down Escher maze from the end of the film. That's one to put on your shelf.

Labyrinth has been released on home video many, many times over the years but a cleaned up picture makes this worth a look for fans.

This new version seems to be out everywhere now, you can pick it up at Amazon UK.

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